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Virtual Prize Wheel

Capture leads, surveys and manage prize giveaways in your trade show booth. Download data for fast, personalized followups. 

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Trivia Games

Capture Leads. Connect attendees to content. Let them have fun while you measure what they know about your products and services. 

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Social Media Walls

Create Social Media Walls, Leaderboards and much more out of attendee generated content from Twitter, Instagram, SMS/MMS and your event photographer.

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Audience Response

Live Polls, Interactive Q&A, Idea Voting and Surveys all rolled into one. Integrate it into your event app or use our audience response app.

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What is SocialPoint?

SOCIALPOINT® is audience engagement software that creates digital experiences that bring your events to life.

From interactive trade show booth games to social media walls to audience response apps, SOCIALPOINT® brings your entire audience engagement arsenal together.




Top 10 New Event Technology for 2015

In November 2015, IBTM World (formerly EIBTM) selected our SOCIALPOINT® Audience Engagement platform as one of the Top 10 new innovations of 2015. We are super proud of this accomplishment!



Innovative Visualizations

Tell your brand story through user generated content at your events. From social media to audience response to interactive games – our visualizations make your screen content stand out in a busy event.

10 New Ways to Visualize User Generated Content 

trade show games bring in more booth traffic


Increase Participation

SocialPoint removes the barriers to participation by connecting with attendees when and where they are most comfortable.

By creating activations on mobile, tablet, social, touch and SMS, we make it easy to match the digital experience to your attendee’s preferences.

10 Ways to Create Audience Engagement in your Events 



Real Time Analytics

Track your progress in real time with our dashboard reports. Identify opportunities for improvement and celebrate your success.  

Download the data into excel for further analysis or loading into your CRM. 



Sync Leads To Your Mobile Device

Sync leads from your Challenge Bar Trivia Game, Virtual Prize Wheel or Digital Fishbowl into our lead capture app on your smart phone. Our app will enrich your lead data by looking up social profiles and company profiles. Your booth staff can rates leads, making notes and send documents and emails from the app.

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Get Help When You Need It

Our digital strategists will ensure your success from the word “go.”  First, we will develop a project plan that supports your internal milestones. Then, we will personalize the software solutions with your branding and content. Right before you go onsite – we will give you a quick briefing to help you succeed – while we are just one phone call away.  

How To Combine Gamification with Content and Experiential Marketing

Pardon the sports metaphor, but our interactive trade show games are a marketing buzz word triple play! If your marketing department has plans to implement Gamification, Content Marketing, or Experiential Marketing, 3 of the hottest trends in B2B marketing today, you can get the benefits of all three at once with our

What Is Audience Engagement For Events?

At their best, events are an explosion of content and ideas where we craft meaningful stories and create community. However, events are also where we too often load everybody up with as much coffee as we can give them and then send them into a big, dark room with rows and

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